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A Global Renaissance

“We may be on the cusp of a future which could provide a tremendous leap forward for humanity”

―Jeremy Rifkin

***RENAISSANCE: a movement or period of vigorous artistic and intellectual activity.

The human species is now fully primed and prepared to collectively experience a global renaissance of magnificent and far-reaching proportions in the areas of consciousness, evolution and spiritual enlightenment and advancement. If there was ever a time for the identity and recognition of our innate Earth citizenship to come to fruition, it is now. Planetary citizenship is our natural birthright as human beings on this Earth. Nationalism, though important and necessary to preserve and protect one's cultural, religious and political affiliations, pales in comparison to the new planetary perspective that is our next evolutionary step towards species maturity. The age of nationalistic adolescence is over. We are now required to take the next intellectual and spiritual steps in consciousness and evolutionary advancement necessary that will allow us the ability to grow into adulthood as a species. Our evolutionary advancement into species maturity is absolutely necessary now that we must learn to bring forth and build the ecological mechanisms, institutions and political platforms for the task of Planet Management.

The most effective dialectic that can be used to initiate and propel the formation of a global renaissance amongst the people's and nation's of the world is the current global military-industrial-intelligence-security complex. This global Nazi 4th Reich is militarily headquartered in the United States of America (the #1 TERRORIST nation on Earth), specifically in Washington, DC. Politically and economically, this BEAST system is funded, directed and orchestrated out of the City of London in the United Kingdom, the headquarters of the International JEWISH Rothschild Banking Cartel. Spiritually and religiously, this international system of war, digital enslavement and police state surveillance and control is legitimized and cannonized within the global catholic church infrastructure, otherwise known as the "Vatican", headquartered in the city of Rome, Italy.

All 3 centers of world temporal power -Washington, DC, the City of London and the Vatican- are small independently controlled states (or enclaves) within already established nation states. All 3 centers of power wield tremendous global influence and form a sort of "iron triad" of military, political/economic and spiritual/religious temporal authority on Earth today. Today, this fascist, dictatorial corporate triad of temporal power rules and reigns over the affairs of men. Billions of men, women and children on Earth today are forced to participate, support and endure their endless wars, their orchestrated famines and their plans for total digital enslavement- known as the Coming Mark of the Beast , as referenced in Revelations 13 in the New Testament of the Holy Bible.

Once the masses of the people of the world awaken and realize what is happening to them, there will arise a global renaissance of freedom and liberation the likes of which this world has never seen. Militarily, there will be an international demand for and end to all war and the needless and senseless killing of our fellow men, women and children across this planet. War itself will be declared obselete and deemed inhumane and illegal. Politically and economically, there will arise a clarion call to finanicially divest trillions of US dollars from the current sprawling global military-industrial-intelligence-security complex. We will re-direct these funds into building and constructing a global Green World Order for Mankind, founded upon the enduring principles of sustainability, alternative free energy technologies, such as Zero Point and Antigravity, and upon the cultivation and establishment of sharing, caring and compassion amongst the people's and nation's of the world.

Spiritually and religiously, there will arise an international call for an end to the supreme privacy violations and subsequent assaults on human freedom and dignity that are now occuring through the digital spy and surveillance enslavement network of fascist, police state control and oppression that has unfortunately been constructed around us today in our global society. Digital currencies, a cashless money system, ubiquitous surveillance cameras, forced biometrics and the causational subservience (or worship) of the coming cloud based digitial global economic control system of buying and selling, will awaken billions of our fellow planetary citizens to rise up and break the prison/police state shackles and chains that we are now being enslaved with.

On these 3 pillars of centralized global, fascist, police state control, oppression and enslavement, can a true global renaissance be forged and brought into being by the people's and nation's of the world. This global Nazi 4th Reich will be the inflective dark dialectic through which a light and freedom based counter-dialectic will emerge in the form of a true, all-encompassing global renaissance on Earth. As such, this global renaissance will be founded upon the eternal and inalienable principles of peace, freedom, liberty, human dignity, compassion and enlightened consciousness and intelligence- the very best characteristics of humanity. This will truly be a glorious evolution and advancement of the human enterprise for decades and centuries (if not millenia) to come.

Beyond the 3 temporal centers of power on Earth today- Washington, DC, the City of London and the Vatican- there exists another supernatural center of power that, in reality, supercedes the temporal tyrannical prison/police state authority now being imposed upon humanity at this hour. That supernatural center of power is, yes, another enclave, or state within a state, located at the very crossroads of the 3 great continental landmasses of the planet: Europe, Africa and Eurasia. That supernatural center of off-planet power and authority is, of course, Jerusalem. Jerusalem is the capital of the 3 great monothesitic (belief in One God) religions on Earth. The Old City of Jerusalem is an enclave within the actual city of Jerusalem proper. Divided into 4 sectors- jewish, christian, muslim and armenian- the Old City of Jerusalem contains within its walls the very foundational cornerstone of Creation- the Al Sakhra on Mount Moriah- located on the Jerusalem Temple Mount, perhaps the most coveted and most sacred piece of land on Earth.

The coming global renaissance will find its roots, its strength, its foundation and its authority in the Old City of Jerusalem, specifically, within the walls of the Jerusalem Temple Mount- the true source of divine power and supernatural authority on Earth. Freedom and liberation from the temporal global prison/police state tyranny that has metastisized like a cancer all around the human species today will be rooted in the teachings, commandments and scriptural authority of the LORD GOD of Creation, whose words and works are found written in the Torah, Gospel and Koran- the prime scriptural texts for the global religions of Judaism, Christianity and Islam. At this stage of human progressive evolution on Earth it will take nothing less than a supernatural, off-planet, highly advanced, extraterrestrial power and authority from on high to evolve and bring salvation to a fallen world now poised on the brink of its own self-destruction. Therein, shall Jerusalem become the world headquarters for the new global renaissance, a symbol of true power and authority from above and the ultimate source of freedom and liberation from the global prison/police state tyranny that has imprisoned and enslaved the human species at this very late hour.


Steve Jones
aka- Jonas the Prophet
Moab, Utah

February 6, 2019

A Global Green World Order

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